About the Farm

GreenFriends Farm began as a challenge to plant a thousand fruit trees on the overgrazed land of a former cattle ranch east of Oakland, California. Now, over half way to meeting that number, with an 8 acre orchard, it has become a center for cutting edge agriculture, a destination for enjoying nature, and a vibrant spot for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Come by the Farm and help thin the budding apples so we will have big beautiful apples in the Fall.

April 30th

Join us to spread mulch in the Maha orchard under the trees.

March 19th

GreenFriends Farm will team up with the local chapter of AYUDH Americas, a youth group, to plant a small field of echinacea at the bottom of the orchard. The echinacea will increase biodiversity in the orchard and later be harvested and made into tinctures

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Come spend a couple hours or even a whole day outdoors in nature. We love help Monday through Saturday anytime the sun is up.

Check out our current projects:

Dig holes!

Anybody who likes digging is invited to join in digging holes for the big tree plantings we have planned in the next couple months.

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