Soil Food Web

GreenFriends Farm utilizes Soil Food Web (SFW) techniques to create the best soil possible for fruit trees.  SFW is a science of soil microorganisms and their interaction with plants and the earth. We are using SFW techniques to transform our hard clay soil that is bacterial dominant into a fungal dominant soil that is suitable for fruit trees.  GreenFriends Farm hosts Dr. Elaine Ingham’s SFW course every year at M.A. Center in Castro Valley, CA.

GreenFriends Farm is implementing the following SFW practices:

  • Regular applications of compost tea and compost extract
  • Heavy mulching with wood chips rich in fungal food
  • Making of thermal compost
  • Regular analysis of soil, compost and compost tea under microscope
  • Planting cover crops and companion plants to encourage beneficial microorganisms

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