Achievements of 2015

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2015 was a very busy year here at the Farm. At the start of the year Common Vision and Green Friends Farm joined forces with Girl Guides and planted 64 trees in total. In March, NetApp also jumped in and helped us plant 49 trees that help protect the soil from weathering impacts. In April, our beloved soil scientist Dr. Elaine Ingham educated us on the importance of soil biology.
Our team continued with the day in and day out maintenance of the trees; everything from watering, pruning, mulching, weeding, pest management, and ofcourse harvesting. Collaborating with all these great groups, and a continual stream of volunteers from around the Bay Area, has nourished and invigorated life in the Green Friends Farm Orchard. We are starting to see more then trees up there, lots more furry friends, flying friends, scaly friends, and oh yeah, we have 12 new chicken friends too!
With the bountiful harvest now in, we have been keeping very busy dehydrating apples, plums, pears and persimmons. We hope you get a taste of some of our yummy treats next time you stop by.


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