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The Soil Food Web 2015

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. The Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham April 13-17th, 2015   For the eighth year in a row, GreenFriends Farm hosted Dr. Elaine Ingham, a world renowned soil biologist, for a soil food web workshop. Participants came from around the country and from as far away as Germany. The 5-day Soil Food Web workshop, held April 13-17th, featured hands-on lectures on the soil food web, composting, compost tea and more. The soil food web is the intricate network of organisms above and below ground that provide the basis for all plant life on earth and therefore most life. Participants learned how to make and evaluate good compost that benefits the right microorganisms for their plants needs. On the last day people brought soil samples...

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Tree Planting with NetApp

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On March 4th, NetApp, a network data storage company, took some time away from their busy office to come volunteer their time in Amma’s Orchard on GreenFriends Farm. Twenty people climbed into the green hills to fill their afternoon with learning while making a difference.  As the group meandered their way around the sunny orchard they learned about our swales, soil building techniques, the importance of fungi, and so much more. GreenFriends Farm regularly hosts fruit tree plantings, but this planting was designated for trees that would help to minimize the extreme weather conditions for the fruit trees in the higher parts of the orchard in order to increase productivity.  Plants were selected for their size and drought tolerance. They will help to: Shade the...

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First tree planting of 2015!

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  On January 31st, GreenFriends Farm was buzzing with activity. In the morning, an enthusiastic group of Girl Scouts, ages 6-10, climbed up the rolling green hills into the Maha orchard, and proceeded to get their hands dirty planting trees. They were met by the GFF crew and a team from Common Vision, a non-profit dedicated to sustainability and permaculture. The girls learned about symbiotic relationships in nature, the complex and extraordinary life in the soil, and the important role trees play in our lives. Members of the local AYUDH youth group also made the trek up to the orchard. They were taught each step of the tree planting process so that they could teach other people in the future, and mentor the children. In the afternoon, members of the local...

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Permaculture Practicum

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GreenFriends Farm was proud to host a three-day Permaculture Practicum offered August 9-11. Participants gathered from around the country for the workshop, taught by the dynamic and engaging Darren Doherty. Doherty is internationally recognized as a leader and pioneer in permaculture and regenerative agriculture. He has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in permaculture project design, implementation and management. Doherty used the Farm as a real life example of ways in which permaculture could be used to promote ecological and economic land stewardship. The participants were able to see first hand the design and development of the techniques they were learning. Doherty suggested water usage and storage strategies to make the Farm drought resilient....

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Soil Food Web 2014 :The Soil is Alive!

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                        Sixty heads bent over microscopes. People fiddled with knobs. The excitement was palpable as a window into the microscopic world was opened. At a prep station at the head of the room, people mixed soil with water and put a drop onto a slide. These were not experienced scientists, but people like Ale Fritzel, 80, a retired math and physics teacher turned farmer, or Jane Letsey, 28, an athlete with a passion for plants. There were cries of “I found a nematode!” or “Look at that fungal hyphae.” “Where? Where? Let me look.” Dr. Elaine Ingham came over to Letsey’s microscope and peered in. “Yep, that is a male bacterial feeding nematode,” she said. “One of the good guys.” This was the...

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