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2018: A Commitment to Trees

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Amma constantly emphasizes the importance of planting trees and helping to restore the balance of Mother Nature. She says, “Each family should grow trees and plants in their yard. Planting a tree is selfless service to society. Just as we enjoy the presence of trees pla read...

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A Volunteer Testimonial

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“It is such a pleasure to work with Greenfriends Farm. Without any previous farming experience I sincerely feel useful with all the support and direction provided by the team. There is a variety of projects one can become a part of, whether making sure trees get enough water or picking up fruits, activities can turn very exciting and fun. It feels empowering to sustain Mother Earth, I am able to appreciate the surrounding nature, be present and purposeful at the same time. There is so much love and care invested for the trees in the big orchard and soon we’ll be planting many trees in the new Lotus Orchard which I can already tell will be a rewarding experience. Planting more trees can’t get any better!” Beatriz Sanchez~ M.A. Center...

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The Soil Food Web on the Farm

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GreenFriends Farm was happy to host Dr. Elaine Ingham once again on February 29th-March 4th. Dr. Ingham is a world-renowned soil biologist and the founder of Soil Food Web, Inc. This was the ninth year in a row that she has come to the Farm to teach a week long workshop read...

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An Orchard Valentine

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A Tree Planting Weekend

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Throughout the month of January, our stalwart volunteers have been trudging through the rain and mud and on up into the bright green hills to dig holes. They were creating new homes for a new batch of fruit trees in the ever-growing Maha orchard. On Saturday, January 30 read...

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A New Year on the Farm

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We are happy that the new year has blessed us with lots of rain and a full pond. The swans and frogs are happy too! The hills are turning a brilliant green and the surrounding wildlife is thriving. Sadly we lost 60 trees to gophers last year, a hard reality to swallow, but undeterred we keep planting on. We have several tree plantings scheduled for the spring season. This time we will be using more preventive measures to protect the trees from the gophers by using gopher baskets. Gopher baskets are large mesh wire baskets that are put in the hole before the new tree is planted. Gophers can’t get through the wire mesh and so the juicy young tree roots are protected until they are large enough that the gophers cant chew them and kill the new tree....

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