We feel fortunate that we have, although very few in number, a team of long-time dedicated volunteers who we could allow to participate in orchard seva (selfless service), as long as they social distance and wear masks.  And now as more of our semi-regular and occasional volunteers become vaccinated, we will be able to allow them on-site, still following the same safety parameters…hopefully within the next couple of months.

Because of the reduced number of seva volunteers, we have been forced to take a closer look at our priorities and do only what is most urgent.

However, one thing about farming, there is always something urgent that needs doing. Our list has included fixing a broken irrigation line, capturing bees swarming around the hive boxes, wild pigs breaking through the fencing, gopher and rodent damage prevention, not to mention harvesting and storing fruit, preparing it for selling, pruning and thinning 1000 fruit trees, and preparing them for the long hot dry summer! 

Somehow, because of Grace, along with a lot of effort by a small number of volunteers, these were all accomplished.  


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