Come spend a couple hours or even a whole day outdoors in nature. We love help Monday through Saturday anytime the sun is up.

Here is the list of our current needs:

Maha Orchard

• Thin Fruit
• New Gates
• Weed whacking
• Weeding
• Gopher baskets
• Pruning
• Olive tree planting

Lotus orchard

• Gopher baskets
• Weed fabric
• Weeding
• Irrigation
• Weed whacking
• Mulching

Project descriptions: 

Thin flowers on the fruit trees 

If too many of the flowers turn into fruit and crowd each other, the fruit won’t get big and juicy. Thinning the flowers helps create space for the fruit to grow big and juicy!

Prune trees

It’s winter and it’s time to prune about 700+ fruit trees! GreenFriends Farm welcomes anyone who has some experience pruning to help, even if you can only prune one tree. Anyone willing to learn and commit to pruning for a few hours a week is welcome.

Compost Application

Applying compost is fun easy work that helps feed the trees and the soil around them so they can fight off pests and take up the nutrients they need to grow yummy fruit.



And so much more!

Who can volunteer?

We invite individuals, families or even your entire office or group  to volunteer.

We look forward to meeting you!

Please call or email ahead to let us know you are coming.


(510) 586-2990
10200 Crow Canyon Rd
Castro Valley, CA 94552

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