2018: A Commitment to Trees

2018: A Commitment to Trees

Amma constantly emphasizes the importance of planting trees and helping to restore the balance of Mother Nature. She says, “Each family should grow trees and plants in their yard. Planting a tree is selfless service to society. Just as we enjoy the presence of trees planted by people in the past, we too should plant for the future generations. If we haven’t done any selfless acts, we should plant a tree or sapling; that would be a truly selfless deed, benefiting others and ourselves.”

In 2018, the MA Center and GreenFriends Farm community demonstrated their commitment to selfless service and Mother Nature by planting 350 fruit trees and 800 native companion plants.

In the spring, on February 3rd, the community came together, bringing family and friends, to plant 250 trees in the Lotus Orchard. The trees included apples, pineapple guava, and several kinds of citrus.

Two community tree planting days in October gave people the opportunity to fulfill, and even exceed, their pledge to plant a tree in honor of Amma’s 65th birthday. On October 20th, 100 olive trees were planted in the Maha Orchard. Olive trees grow well in this region, as theyare drought tolerant and can handle the clay soil.Eventually, the olives from these trees will be made into olive oil.

On October 27th, as part of a reforestation initiative, 800 native companion plants and shrubs were planted in the Maha Orchard. The shrubs and companion plants will support the orchard by reducing soil erosion, supporting the health of the soil, and attracting bees and butterflies.

The 350 trees planted in 2018, bumped up the count of fruit trees planted on the property to 900. Carrying this commitment to Mother Nature into the new year, a special tree planting is planned for February 16th, to meet the goal of 1000 fruit trees at the MA Center!