Aloe Recovery – Nature works

Aloe Recovery – Nature works

During the pandemic, there was one (1) large mother aloe plant that was neglected and nearly died. Thinking this plant was beyond saving, GreenFriends Farm Gardeners were going to compost it. One Gardener in the community had an idea. She took the withering aloe plant and propagated it.

Shoots were taken that grew from the stem and roots of the original plant.  She got many pots, planted and nurtured over 20 shoots into full-grown healthy aloe vera plants! The medicinal value of the original plant can now be shared with many.

 Aloe vera is a beautiful plant to keep around the house and garden as it has many healing properties.

Some of the ways to use this plant for health are: for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, for wound healing, for helping with constipation, and for lowering blood sugar levels. It is a unique plant that can be ingested or applied topically. At Green Friends Farm aloe is always here for relief from a sunburn or to soothe bug bites. 

We’ve shared a story of one woman, working in a nurturing way with Mother Nature. Her work highlights nature’s reciprocity, resilience, and abundance. 

“Look at the optimism of nature. Nothing can stop it. Every aspect of nature tirelessly contributes its share to life. The participation of a little bird, an animal, or a tree, is always complete. No matter what the hardships, continue to try wholeheartedly”.- Amma

Many thanks to Leah for the post.