Amma’s Birthday Nature Walk

Amma’s Birthday Nature Walk

Amma’s Birthday Nature walk began at noon from the temple steps.

As the group walked through the woods, the walk became a silent walk. The participants paused to listen to the sounds of nature…birds, winds in the trees, and the silence.

During the next part of the walk, participants were paired and one person closed their eyes while the other led them. This was a trust-building experience, allowing people to deeply explore their sense of hearing, smell and touch.

At the labyrinth, each person was given an index card with an Amma quote. As they passed by other people, they exchanged cards. Chocolate Kisses were distributed as the labyrinth walk was completed.

The walk back was unstructured and social. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Save the date: Nov 5th at 9:30 am Nature Walk. Register

Thank you to Anupama for her contribution to the article and for the photos.