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  • June 10th: Liquid Compost gardening workshop
  • June 24th: Guided Nature Walk

June 10th: Liquid Compost for Healthy Gardens – Workshop

Microorganisms feed plants. In this workshop we will learn how to work with nature to cultivate beneficial microorganisms to nourish the vegetables growing in our gardens.

Liquid amendments can be made from compost to cultivate specific microbes. They make it easier to apply the microbes exactly where the plants need them. Whether it be on the leaves, stems, roots, seeds, or in the soil, beneficial microbes are like plant probiotics. They help plants to be well nourished, more resilient, less vulnerable to pests and disease, more nutritious, and even taste better!
In this hands-on experience you will learn about: 

  • Soil microorganisms
  • How to make simple compost extract and compost tea
  • How to apply these liquid amendments in your garden

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June 24th: Guided Nature Walk

GreenFriends Farm invites you on a guided nature walk to bathe in the rich presence of Mother Nature from 4:​1​5 – 5:15 pm on June 24th​, before the Saturday Satsang program. ​Participants will gather by the temple steps and walk from there. The motherly presence of Nature brings us calm, centeredness, peace, and love, and awakens our natural essence of pure joy and contentment. Just being present with awareness in Nature can help us deepen our connection and relationship with our first mother.​ ​The event will be held weather permitting, so please check back for updates​.