Bags of Hope Project 2023

Bags of Hope Project 2023

This is the 3rd year that GreenFriends Farm has offered the “Bags of Hope” project to local unhoused shelters in honor of Amma’s birthday and life message stating, “The world needs to know that a life of selfless service is possible.” 

Every year through this project, we have been gifted with the joy of working together in a supportive network of many selfless hands and loving hearts that want to serve. 
Blessings came from people wanting to sponsor this project locally inlcuding from people outside of California.
We were overwhelmed by the waves of love and appreciation people gave for this project.
This made the grocery “Bag” grow bigger as we added more supplies …until it was filled to the brim. Along with the bag we provided each person with a gallon water bottle and a large warm homemade burrito they appreciated. 

The goal was 70 Bags of Hope, but with community support we were able to deliver 93 Bags of Hope .
It took 3 days to deliver all the bags, along with a gallon of water and warm burritos. On the first day, we went to Hayward, the 2nd day the 1st Presbyterian Church in Castro Valley and encampments in Oakland. We even went to places where people slept under bridges and in dead-end zones. 
On the 3rd day, we supported our Mother’s Kitchen led by Lalita and Usha, feeding those in need at St.James Park and onto Roosevelt Park in San Jose. 

The best part was seeing the smiles on their faces as they received the “Bag.” It was touching when they wanted to help distribute the bags to their neighbors. 

For those volunteers who helped distribute the bags, it was opportunity for us to experience Amma’s vision and feel that the world is one family and that when the left eye is hurting; the hand will automatically comfort it. It doesn’t ask questions. 

We all felt inspired to do more of this service. Amma has “Mother’s Kitchen” in many local areas who feed those in need every week.