Begin Harvesting 2022

Begin Harvesting 2022

Mid-June and time to begin the harvesting process. There are many varieties of fruits at the Orchard, and therefore timing varies. When harvesting we have to consider the fruit itself (type) and how we plan to use the fruit. Will the fruit be used for processing (jams, sauces etc.) or fresh consumption.

Some fruits become ripe on the tree while others need to be harvested and placed in cool storage to finish ripening. Plums and apples become fully ripe on the tree.

Presently the focus are plums and apricots.

There are no machines involved in harvesting at GreenFriends Farm. All harvesting is by hand. Daily visit to the trees checking for the optimal time to harvest.

While a lot of energy is harvesting and production (e.g., honey) this time of year; it is important to maintain good health of the trees with regular weeding and maintenance. Being prepared is important. One of our volunteers here with all the tools including his water bottle.