Do you like honey or apple sauce?

Do you like honey or apple sauce?

This past week we were on a very busy schedule to jar the honey and produce apple sauce. Some of these products will go into our Bags of Hope for the shelters in San Jose. A few weeks ago we harvested honey from the hives at the orchard. During the weekend volunteers got together to label and jar the honey.

At GreenFriends Farm we have a certain bias toward our honey and apple sauce. After all, honey is created from the wildflowers and blossoms at the orchard. The apples had been pollinated by our friendly bees and others. So, we think our honey and apple sauce have a unique flavor.

What is the big deal? A missing piece, is the human element involved in making these products. All the harvesting is performed by hand. No big machines to core the apples or label the jars. No big vats to cook the apples, plums, and other fruits.

The volunteers arrive with a wonderful attitude; grace, selflessness, and gratitude. There are opening prayers and the work begins.


This week more than 300 jars of honey were poured and labeled of various sizes. Ready for you to purchase at the shop.

Apple Sauce

At the weekend it was time to make the apple sauce. We used 95 pounds of apples for this current batch. How many apples are 95 pounds? Depending on the size, somewhere between 300 and 500 apples. These apples had to be peeled, cored, and sliced. Then cooked, stirred regularly, monitored, and poured. Oh, and labeled. We made about 80 jars, split evenly between 8oz and 16 oz sizes. Apple Sauce is available at Farm Stand on Saturday. It will be available online in a week.

And yes, everyone has fun. Come join us on a Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday are other days for volunteer opportunities. For further details send an email.