Drought and Rain

Drought and Rain

FROM SEVERE DROUGHT TO RAINING GRACEThe same pond that almost totally dried out this year due to the severe drought was filled due to a massive October rain. It was due to the atmospheric river of moisture that flowed above us for one full night and day drenching the entire Bay Area with constant showers. We had over 7” of rain which was much more than either incorporated Castro Valley or San Ramon reported.

How is this possible? We are uniquely situated in a valley surrounded by high hilltops on 3 sides. As the clouds passed over the hills, they let loose abundant rainfall.Thousands and thousands of gallons of water flowed down into the pond and creeks. And, besides the pond filling, all the creeks carried abundant precious rainfall to Crow Creek which is destined for the bay.
There are no words to describe how grateful we are for this shower of Grace.



After the Rain