Family Nature Day – Fun had by All

Family Nature Day – Fun had by All

On August 20th, GreenFriends Farm and Bala Kendra hosted a family nature day. All were welcome. It was good weather day, cool and comfortable to be outside.

First step was to follow the signs:

The event was well attended by all age groups, from 3 years-old and up. And everyone participated.

Orchard activities included harvesting of the many fruits in the orchard. This time of year there are several varieties of apples to pick. This year, so far, has been a plentiful harvest. Plums and pears were also picked.

All work is no fun! There was of course a Chai break. Cookies were served with the GFF secret lemonade. Games were played including Bat and Moth, and Animal guessing game.

After snacks, participants were invited to use a clipboard, paper and pen, and to draw the sounds they heard while sitting in a favorite spot in the shade. Others chose to draw an aspect of nature on their paper, with one young participant drawing a rainbow and water slide! The listening and drawing activity helped those participating to go deeper into themselves and to become increasingly connected to the nature surrounding them.

One of our young participants wrote a poem whereby the ‘vertical’ word spelt TREE.

  • The trees are green
  • Rolling hills I see
  • Every step I take gets me higher
  • Every step gets me closer to snacks.

And time for ‘earthing’

The Group – Everyone had a wonderful time.

Please join us next time.