Filters and Lines at Orchard

Filters and Lines at Orchard

In an earlier post we discussed the tasks of minimizing the water used by the farm. The farm is divided into sections. Each section has its own water cycle including which days of the month,  the time of day, and for how many hours. A section will have multiple lines, each line will service one row of trees.

The picture above shows a “T” connection from ground to the line. At the top of the “T” is a filter. Before a watering cycle begins the filters in each line are checked.

A dirty filter above.

Because we are watering with pond water, before any section is watered all the filters are cleaned. A very technological approach is taken…a tooth brush is used!

The cleaned filter is replaced below:

In addition to cleaning the filter in the line, all connections are checked for any cracks. The “T” connection is the most vulnerable for a leak.

If a connection is suspect it is replaced before the watering cycle begins.

This is a time consuming task but critical in our irrigation processes.

Throughout the summer, irrigation is a priority, to provide adequate amount of water to each tree while  maintaining the efficient use of a critical resource – water.