Nature Walk and Bags of Hope

Nature Walk and Bags of Hope

Last Saturday (September 3rd) was our Nature Walk with Anupama. The theme of the walk was “The Child-Like Spirit within.” It started at 4 p.m. and though it was hot, the walk was mainly in a shaded area. The hike started in the Redwood Grove area and meandered around the MA Center.

It was an opportunity to feel and be with Nature, and realize we are children in Nature’s embrace. After the walk, cold lemonade was available at the Farm Stand by the kitchen tent.

The feedback was positive, saying it was peaceful and meditative and an ideal opportunity to center and relax before the Satsang. Many people asked when the next walk would take place. The next walk will be in October! Additional details will be available in the weekly Newsletter (to receive the Newsletter please Join Our Mailing List). Anupama has a beautiful and gentle way of guiding you into Nature’s loving embrace

Bags of Hope

To commemorate Amma’s 69th birthday we are taking Bags of Hope to homeless shelters in the San Jose area. We will be delivering donated bags each week to the shelters. Each bag contains fresh fruit, sauce, jam, crackers, dried fruit, a can of sparkling drink, pairs of socks and a wash cloth. You can donate one or more bags by purchasing online at GreenFriends Farm Bags of Hope. The Bags of Hope will be available until September 22nd, 2022. The goal is to deliver 69 bags to the shelters. Please help Amma’s homeless children if you are able.

If you are available in the afternoon of September 17th to help with packing the bags please email for the time and meeting location