Saturday Seva 101

Saturday Seva 101

Curious what happens on Saturday Seva? Who can come to Saturday Seva?

Anybody can come to Saturday Seva! All ages and all skill sets are welcome. We have a few suggestions, especially if it is your first time. Bring a sun hat, sunscreen, and water. For footwear, sneakers or shoes. Flip-flops or open-toe sandals are not good options.

There is always work to be done at the Orchard. The work will generally be physical. We match the work to the individual. Most people can pick the fruit, but not everyone can carry the crate of fruit. In that situation, we would have pickers and carriers. We try to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

While the time can be used to learn about the farm, caring for and growing fruit and vegetables, it is also an opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Orchard, an area blessed by Amma.

We meet at Maha or Lotus Orchard. In mid-morning there is a chai break, an opportunity to meet new people, catch up and enjoy. Sometimes, the group includes a musician, or two, and bhajans will be sung.

There are impromptu classes and education sessions. The “Bee Team” may join and tell us what they are doing with the bees. If you have questions about your own garden, the group may have answers for you.

Last week a visitor from India gave a presentation about soil sustainability and health.

What work might you do? This time of year is harvesting the fruit. Other times of the year include weeding, fertilizing, irrigation, weed whacking, and pruning. Always fun!

Lunch is provided if you send a lunch request by Wednesday. Email Lunch Request

We always need help with the two Farm Stands. Setup, selling, and take down.

To sign up for Saturday Seva Send an Email.