Volunteer Activities – Help if you can

Volunteer Activities – Help if you can

This time of year is amongst the busiest at the orchard. There are always Seva (volunteer) opportunities at the orchard, and GreenFriends is always grateful for help from volunteers. We especially need it now and through May. If you can help, please click here to email the coordinator. Please include a contact name, phone number, days, and times you can help.

Saturdays are a regular volunteer activity day in the orchard, led by one of the coordinators. Chai is provided, and the group meets at the kitchen tent at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome.

The activities vary from weeding, mulching, harvesting, weed whacking, trimming, crafts (e.g., creating and painting bee and bird boxes), irrigation, and planting.

The orchard is peaceful and complimented by smells of blossoms.

It is also fun! Delicious Chai will be available. Please join us if you can.