Tree Planting with NetApp

Tree Planting with NetApp

On March 4th, NetApp, a network data storage company, took some time away from their busy office to come volunteer their time in Amma’s Orchard on GreenFriends Farm. Twenty people climbed into the green hills to fill their afternoon with learning while making a difference.  As the group meandered their way around the sunny orchard they learned about our swales, soil building techniques, the importance of fungi, and so much more.

GreenFriends Farm regularly hosts fruit tree plantings, but this planting was designated for trees that would help to minimize the extreme weather conditions for the fruit trees in the higher parts of the orchard in order to increase productivity.  Plants were selected for their size and drought tolerance. They will help to:

  • Shade the soil, keeping the crucial soil biology thriving
  • Keep the trees protected from harsh winds that can damage the trees and dry out the soil
  • Add diversity to the orchard, increasing wildlife on the Farm, and decreasing pest issues.

The team was asked to plant 49 of these supporting trees for the orchard, and they had them all planted, watered and mulched within two hours!

Way to go NetApp! Thank you!

Everyone had such a good time and they plan to come help twice a year. The GreenFriends Farm team is so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a great group of people.

If you ever want to come help out in the ever expanding and growing orchard, let us know!