Weather changes and a myriad of activities

Weather changes and a myriad of activities

In recent weeks the Orchard has experienced a wide range of weather conditions. There has been snow, rain, wind, and sunshine. The changing weather has been a constant change of activities in and around the Orchard.

The heavy rainfall and dampness have seen more green growth on the trees. Most of this green is in category of lichens, algae, and moss. The older trees appear more susceptible. Generally this growth doesn’t harm the tree, but could hide other health issues. The extra weight on branches might make dangerous conditions during windy and inclement weather.

The sunshine has also been wonderful. The fruit trees are blooming. The bees can be seen busy at work. Wildflowers and daffodils are smiling.

Bees gathering

Then the rains came and it was time to put on the rain jackets. No painting of tree trunks this weekend. But pruning was the maintenance recently.