Weed Whacking

Weed Whacking

Spring has Sprung, as the saying goes!

This is the time of year when we are putting the weed whackers to good use! It is a necessary activity with many benefits for the fruit, soil, and some wildlife residents. Alas, other residents do not like our clearing of weeds and tall grasses.

In the spring, we carefully use machines around the trees so we will be able to access the irrigation lines. The lines are lifted high in the air first so the weed whackers do not damage them. After the grass is cut, the lines are put back into place and the irrigation system is then flushed, tested, and repaired.

Cutting the grass releases nitrogen into the soil and reveals various rodents that damage fruit trees, namely gophers, field mice, voles, and wood rats, making it easier to naturally control the rodent population with the help of native hawks, coyotes, and bobcats.

We are very careful this time of year, as birds are nesting in the tall grass. We keep vigilant, looking for turkey eggs.

The protocol for weed whacking involves wearing appropriate clothing, shoes, and accessories. Goggles are required, as well as long pants, long sleeves (recommended), and closed-toe shoes. Hats are an option for part of the year but are required during the summer months. Masks are provided but optional. Note: some of us who were not wearing masks ended up eating grass!