What is happening at Creekside?

What is happening at Creekside?

The Creekside area was planted a few years ago and has a small number of fruit trees. GreenFriends Farm has been expanding the area to prepare for more tree planting and to improve the harvest of existing trees.

This process involves several steps, including tree placement, erosion protection, and water retention. In the past week, mulch was applied to the existing trees on the hillside.

Our workhorse, Kubo, was used extensively to help spread the mulch. There were three of us working on this day. We filled the buckets with mulch and loaded Kubo. The hillside at Creekside is quite steep. This is good and bad.

The good? We could drive Kubo to the backside of the hill and unload. This made it easier to spread. And gravity played its role to help mulch down the hill.

The downside of having a hill? Kubo couldn’t drive up the side in front. Therefore the buckets and bins were carried to the top, unloaded, and spread.

Fortunately, there was a snack break with lots of delicious fruits from the orchard to give us the energy we needed to finish the job. A few hours later, the mulch pile had completely disappeared and the hillside had been completely mulched, providing a much needed layer of protection from erosion and aiding water retention.