What to do with 10 Slow Cookers?

What to do with 10 Slow Cookers?

This year Mother Nature has been very generous with her bounty! The apples, especially, have produced a very good harvest. This poses a high-quality problem; what to do with all the fruit? Yes, we can sell at the farm stands and with FFH. However, we still leave a substantial amount of fruit that could spoil.

We rely on volunteers to help with the many Orchard activities. We also need volunteers to help with our production of jams, marmalades, sauces, and jars of butter.

In two 12-hour day shifts, we managed to make 137 jars of pomegranate-apple butter and spiced apple butter. In the process, we used 146 lbs of apples.

This is no small task! The apples have to be selected, peeled, cored, and sliced. Then there is the mixing and stirring before jars can be filled.

With 146 lbs of apples to process, we also need several slow cookers. This time we had 10 cookers processing at once!

Before pouring in the jams, marmalades, sauces, and kinds of butter, the jars must be sanitized.

Once sanitized, we can begin to fill the jars. The final step will be to label them next week.

Many thanks this past week to our super-star sevites: Tapomayi, Tapasi, Bhavya, and Aren who totally *jammed* and helped to make this lofty endeavor possible.