What’s it like on a Nature Walk?

What’s it like on a Nature Walk?

The next Nature Walk is on Saturday, June 24th, starting at 2:45 p.m.

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Do you wonder what happens on these walks?

Anupama is the lead volunteer for the meditative nature walks. Yes, we have a lovely walk experiencing nature, and more happens. At the last walk, one activity involved everyone getting 10 stones, with each thought that came up, a stone was thrown into the pond and the ripple was meditated upon. The peace and tranquility bring new wisdom to the thought.

An activity designed to bring us to the present moment and into our heart connection with Nature involves partnership, peace, and trust. People are partnered. One had their eyes closed while the other led them slowly on the walk. This experience led to experience a level of humility often not felt.

Another activity involves everyone sitting in a circle facing our backs to each other and with eyes closed or opened, listening for all the sounds that arise and counting them silently on their fingers. In this subtle way, we can connect and commune with nature.

We hope you can join us for the next nature walk on Saturday, June 24th.