Where is Adi? Who is Kubo?

Where is Adi? Who is Kubo?

The Adi Orchard is on the left side of the temple. This is the oldest orchard at the farm, and first plantings occurred over 33 years ago. The trees in this orchard are amongst the most established at the farm. The Adi Orchard is also the smallest at the farm. It might be small but produces wonderful fruit, especially the pears and quince.

Adi Orchard and Compost Tea

This week it was the Adi Orchard turn to receive Compost Tea. This is where “Kubo” is a major help. Some have asked, “Who is Kubo?”. Kubo is a work utility vehicle. It is used for many tasks: carrying debris, tree cuttings, water barrels, Compost Tea barrels, compost and supplies. This is Kubo at work last week.

First, we have to collect the Compost Tea, pumping Compost Tea from the brewer into the barrel, deliver the Compost Tea to the Orchard, empty the Compost Tea into a 50 gallon barrel. Buckets (2 gallon) are used to pour the Compost Tea into the stakes around the tree. While the Compost Tea is being poured, Kubo will be used to gather 50 gallons of water. As with the Compost Tea, the Buckets (2 Gallon) are used to pour water into the stakes. In some stakes we had a surprise! (see below).

What was the surprise?

Consider – the irrigation system is using water collected in the pond. When we poured water into some stakes a frog would pop-up. The frog would have gotten into the stake via the irrigation lines.The frog probably came from an egg or tadpole through the irrigation lines. Nature is amazing.

Creating Fungi

Having nourished the Adi Orchard. It was time to prepare the next batch of Compost Tea. Before starting the brewing, our preference is creating new fungi to add to the brewing compost. This enhances the bio organisms and increases the production of nutrients for the trees. Using the worm castings, add oat flour, mix the two, add water, and continue to mix. After a few minutes of mixing, the tray is placed in a dark location. In approximately 3 days, fungi will have grown and will be added to the brewing compost. Creating the perfect elixir for trees.